Do you love your bookkeeping clients?

All of them? 


Not to brag, but I love my clients. Here’s why:


We work together as a team, and I can do it from my home office or wherever I may be.


They know that if they don’t give us what we need, we can’t do the work.


Everyone is on the same page regarding scope of work.


I carefully vet them using the QuickReview™ process.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with clients?
The StacyK Academy Can Help!

The client scoring matrix helps you identify the clients you really love working with and get rid of the others. Eek gads, you might say, fire a client? Yes. With our system, you’ll have plenty of new clients to enjoy working with. Let the riff raff go.

Our Base+ model ensures you get paid for exactly what you do so that clients can’t take advantage of your good nature. And its predictable, so you’ll know exactly what you’re earning and your client won’t have any “surprises.”

Control your bookkeeping practice rather than having it control you. Technology not only saves you time, it gives you more control of your client interaction so that you are always in charge.


Starting July 9. For $1295, you’ll get the tools you need to manage those pesky clients, a completely new sales strategy that will make marketing a snap, as well as tips on the technology you’ll need to simplify you life.


Steps to Moving Online – How to Transition Your Clients to Remote


Tools Included:

  • Move Online Action Plan
  • QBDT to QBO Conversion Checklists
  • Most Conversion Steps
  • Attorney created Engagement letter
  • Attorney created NDA/Confidentiality agreement


QuickReview™ Sales Funnel


Tools Included:

  • QuickReview™ Checklist


Base+ Billing Structure


Tools Included:

  • Base+ Billing Outline


Workflow Management (Stacy’s Favorite Apps)


Tools Included:

  • Workflow Analysis Worksheet Software
  • Decision Matrix If/Then Tool


Learn to Prioritize with Client Scoring


Tools Included:

  • Client Scoring Matrix
  • Client Email Format


Social Media 101 for Accounting Pros


Tools Included:

  • Basics of Social Media Management Tools


When it comes to QBO Bookkeeping Practice training, Stacy Kildal has killed it! Stacy is now providing the missing piece of ProAdvisor training: The StacyK Academy. Over her many years of QBO specialized practice, she has accumulated expertise from her own trial and error and gleaned the best information from all available sources. She shares generously of her trade “secrets” and proprietary expertise to provide structure and streamlined business processes to the professional bookkeeper.   

Stacy’s format for a professional bookkeeping practice will help you kickstart your new business or rethink your current business from the ground up. 

Stacy is an original thinker and a visionary. You won’t find information or training like this in any university!


Let's do this!

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