Welcome to StacyK Academy!

In November 2016, we made the decision that we won’t be running any more live sessions. However, you can still access our On Demand classes.


When it comes to QBO Bookkeeping Practice training, Stacy Kildal has killed it! Stacy is now providing the missing piece of ProAdvisor training: StacyK Academy. Over her many years of QBO specialized practice, she has accumulated expertise from her own trial and error and gleaned the best information from all available sources. She shares generously of her trade “secrets” and proprietary expertise to provide structure and streamlined business processes to the professional bookkeeper.   

Stacy’s format for a professional bookkeeping practice will help you kickstart your new business or rethink your current business from the ground up. 

Stacy is an original thinker and a visionary. You won’t find information or training like this in any university!